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Benefits of a Steel Building

Steel Building BenefitsSteel buildings are far more economical, functional, flexible and environmentally friendly than any other traditional construction methods.

Robust, Resilient and Flexible

Since they are built to withstand forces of nature, steel buildings are much safer. Although they are lightweight—as much as 50% lighter than wood—steel buildings are stronger and more durable. They’re also versatile. Adjustable steel panels allow us to lengthen the size of each steel building so it’s easier for you to expand than traditional building construction techniques.

Saving You Time and Money

Steel buildings come in the form of pre-fabricated structures so it can be sent directly to your construction site for immediate assembling. This reduces the time you spend on the construction process. Steel buildings also cost less than traditional ones because steel can be purchased and manufactured at less cost compared to bricks, wood and cement.

In addition, metal roofs of a steel building are typically covered with heat deflecting coatings, ultimately reducing your cooling and heating costs. Finally, unlike wood, steel is not affected by damages caused by insects and termites. As a result, your monthly and annual maintenance cost are significantly less.

Let’s Get Started

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What Sets Us Apart

All Lincoln Steel Buildings™ feature:

  • 50 years building design experience
  • 40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty
  • 40-year limited warranty on paint
  • Efficient shipping scheduling
  • State-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility
  • 100% Made in the USA

Why People Choose Lincoln:

Years of steel building design experience
providing quality products at savings of up to 50% over conventional construction.

40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

40-year limited warranty on paint
on the siliconized polyester colored coating for walls and trim.

Efficient scheduling
delivery and community freight to reduce delivery costs and save you money.

Precision design
meeting or exceeding industry standards

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