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Why You Should Consider Steel for Your Garage Building

There are plenty of materials that garages can be made of, including wood, brick, concrete and even plastic. When it comes to keeping your car protected, it’s important that you go the extra mile in terms of quality and security. For this reason, steel structures are the best possible option you could get. It’s important to think about exactly how you’ll be using your garage so you can decide on things like the size and placement of it, but besides that there are plenty of benefits that work across the board no matter what you want your building to look like in the end.


The best thing about steel is how strong it is and how well it’s able to stand up a whole host of different conditions like weather and various kinds of impact. Steel is one material that is able to last for decades with the right protecting paints and appropriate coatings, so once you have your garage constructed, you’ll be able to have it for a long time in the future as well. Steel is able to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions so from heavy rain to snowfall, this is a structure that will be able to stand up to it without any problems. This is the best environment for your car to be in, because it will be completely covered and protected by the steel structure.

Fast Construction

Steel garage are great because of how quickly and efficiently they can be put together. Thanks to its easy DIY construction method, a project that might have taken a few weeks with more traditional building materials like wood or concrete can be done in a few days instead. There are plenty of building kits that can be done in a weekend so that you can begin using your steel building much sooner rather than later. This is important because the faster the building is completed, the sooner you can do any leftover cleanup from the process and have everything in order much sooner.

Low Maintenance

Much unlike some other materials, steel structures rarely need any type of maintenance or repairs done to it. Steel is a material that can last and be sued for many years without needing any kind of fixing, thanks to its durability. While annual inspections are necessary, the need for any major fixes will be very low in comparison to a material like wood, which can become water damaged as well as being susceptible to fire and heat damage. Concrete is another material that, although strong, is prone to it’s own type of issues in the form of rotting and cracking. It’s a material that needs to be repaired, replaced and filled in every few years.


Steel is a material that is resistant to a lot of things that other materials are vulnerable to. Steel is fire resistant whereas wood is highly flammable. Wood is also prone to pests like termites and other bugs, whereas steel is pest resistant. Moisture and water can affect steel in some ways, but not the same ways it does with wood – as long as the right coatings and paints are there. It’s important to keep your steel protected and sealed to prevent rusting and to ensure that it’s a structure you’ll have for a long time to come.

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All Lincoln Steel Buildings® feature:

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40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

40-year limited warranty on paint
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Precision design
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