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How to Avoid Moisture

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Steel by nature is a durable material that stands up well to all kinds of conditions, including moisture from humidity, precipitation and more. Although steel tends to do well with water and moisture, there are still unique ways that the two elements interact that is worth considering as we head into the rainy spring season ahead. It’s important to know and understand the ways that you can provide extra protection for your structure so that your steel building can last for as long as you need it to. This is especially important if your building is in an area that is exposed to high levels of moisture including heavy snowfall in the winter months, rainfall in the spring and high humidity in the summer. Essentially, each season brings with it its very own type of moisture that can potentially damage your structure if left untreated for long periods of time.


Our steel buildings thankfully come with a selection of custom protective paints and there are also additional coatings available on the market that are available in order to keep any and all forms of moisture at bay. For structures that have windows or other openings as well as insulation, condensation is a real issue that might arise and it’s important that you take all the steps you can to ensure that your structure remains dry and secure. On both walls and trim, there will be specialized paints that work to add extra protection to your steel building and even comes with a 40-year limited warranty.


To ensure that there isn’t any current water damage to any part of your structure, it will be important to have inspections of your building twice a year at the very least. Catching on to any problems with your building will help you in preventing them from getting any worse over time. Just like any possible problem with your steel building, it will always be better for you to find and treat it sooner rather than later before it potentially becomes a larger issue.


Having the proper drainage system on your steel building will do wonders in ensuring that there is no water buildup at the top of your structure. Whether it’s the pitch of your roof or making sure your eavestrough and gutters are clear at all times, there are ways to prevent water, snow and ice from building up on what might arguably be the most important part of your building. From the extra weight to potential corrosion if left for long periods of time, you will be much better off letting any type of water or ice drain down and away from your building to keep it in excellent shape.


One of the best ways to ensure that moisture and any buildup that comes along with it doesn’t damage your building is by cleaning it bi-annually. By scheduling your structural cleanings twice a year in the autumn to get rid of debris and leaves and in the springtime to get rid of different kinds of residue, you do plenty for increasing your building’s longevity. It’s always going to be important to keep your building in excellent shape.

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