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Steel buildings are one of the most versatile structural materials and methods on the planet, so much so that they can be used in nearly any industry that you can imagine. It’s important to figure out for yourself just how you want your structure to look and feel so you can ensure that it will meet all of your requirements and standards. This is no different for the beauty & wellness industry, which can include everything from spas and beauty treatment clinics to salons! We might not think of prefab steel right away with these industries due to the industrial nature of these buildings, but there’s plenty of reasons why it’s the perfect building material to bring these kinds of locations to life!


Prefab steel is a material that lasts for years, which is especially perfect if you plan to own and operate your location for a long time. As one of the strongest materials on the market, it’s easy to see why it’s the choice for so many property owners who want to be able to use their structure for the next several years. Steel is a material that stands up well to all kinds of weather conditions and is resistant to specific things like fire as well as pests like termites and burrowing animals – which is especially important for a business that is so reliant on adhering to specific healthy and cleanliness standards. With a structure made from a material like wood, this would be something you would have to worry about, but with steel, you get peace of mind!

Easy To Build

Prefab steel buildings are remarkably easy to put together so anytime you’re thinking about putting up a structure, you won’t have to wait for months on end, or sometimes years, for it to be completed. Prefab steel buildings come with an easy set of DIY instructions that will ensure that the structure is put together correctly, but you can also employ the help of a contractor in order to get the job done as well. Typically, health & wellness locations go up in both established and newer communities, but it’s always better to have these structures put together much sooner than later so you can start your business as soon as possible.


Possibly the best thing about prefab steel buildings is the fact that they are so flexible and versatile, making it easy to be used in a wide variety of ways. Our prefab buildings are easy to mold into a wide selection of layouts that can also be customized to look however you need it to. Think about the kind of bright and airy aesthetic that most salons or spas have, and make them a reality with your prefab steel building. Of course, it will be imperative that you consider exactly what you want the structure to look like in the end before you can really get started on your project.

Lack Of Maintenance

Another great aspect of prefab steel buildings that makes it the perfect choice for wellness and beauty locations is the fact that they require little to no maintenance in order to stay in good shape. It will be important to be able to focus on the day-to-day functions of the business inside rather than having to constantly do repairs or fixes to the structure itself. This is what makes prefab steel buildings perfect. Also, having parts of your structure that need to be fixed might cause you to have to stop operations if they are things that increase the risk of harm to your clients. Particularly since it will be a space where you will want your clients to be relaxed most of the time, having broken, hanging, corroding or exposed pieces of your building will make that a bit difficult. With prefab steel buildings, you won’t have to worry about that in the same ways you would in a structure made from a material like wood.

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All Lincoln Steel Buildings® feature:

  • 50 years building design experience
  • 40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty
  • 40-year limited warranty on paint
  • Efficient shipping scheduling
  • State-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility
  • 100% Made in the USA

Why People Choose Lincoln:

Years of steel building design experience
providing quality products at savings of up to 50% over conventional construction.

40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

40-year limited warranty on paint
on the siliconized polyester colored coating for walls and trim.

Efficient scheduling
delivery and community freight to reduce delivery costs and save you money.

Precision design
meeting or exceeding industry standards

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