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Need a Place for your Relatives

If you regularly have guests in your home but you’re rapidly running out of space to accommodate them when they arrive, it might be time to consider building a prefab steel guest house on your property so they will have a place to be comfortable during their stay. Just like any construction project, it will always be important to know exactly what you’ll need your structure for so that you end up using the right kit for you. Consider how many guests you plan to house at any given time, and also the kinds of amenities they might need on-hand vs. the ones they might be able to come back into your main residential home for. Think about the convenience of your guests making the trip between your two buildings, which is something that will help you figure out where on your property will be the right place to put it.

As much as you largely have the right to build things on your own property, having an understanding of the types of permits you might need and constraints you might be under based on your community’s rules is imperative in making sure that your guest house building project runs smoothly and can be completed in a timely manner.


Of course, one of the most important things to include in any structure is insulation but especially one that’s going to be used in any kind of residential capacity! Prefab steel has natural insulation, but the addition of more is always important in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your structure. There are a few different ways to add insulation into your structure, and will depend largely on the size, layout and your budget in order to figure out the best option. From blanket to spray foam insulation, you can add as much as you need to create the ultimate comfort in your structure.


Of course, in order to make the guest house as convenient as possible you will need a few appliances in there! Along with the insulation, an HVAC system will be imperative in making sure the temperature inside stays at a comfortable level while your guests are there. Other considerations are a fridge, stove and maybe even a washer & dryer if you plan to house guest for extended periods of time. It will be important to ensure that all the appliances you buy are energy efficient so you can make the absolute most of your structure.

Interior Design

It’s likely that you’ll want your guest house to look as welcoming and appealing as your main home, so focus on the interior design of your structure so your guests feel comfortable staying there. Steel structures are excellent because they are more flexible than people give them credit for! They don’t have to maintain the industrial appearance that people assume a steel building would have. With their excellent trussless design, you can have an open concept guest house space that can be organized any way you see fit. Adding interior walls can be simple with the right contracting help, and you can also add custom materials to the exterior siding so that it looks much more like the home that’s already on your property.

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40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

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