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Rehersal Space

If artists have anything in common with industrial property owners, it’s in their quest for the perfect space. For artists, finding the right rehearsal space can be the difference between some much-needed practice in a functional area and not reaching their full potential. Finding the perfect rehearsal space is extremely important for any performance artist whether it’s a singer, dancer, actor or a combination or all 3! There are many reasons why prefab steel buildings are perfect for the job!

Easy To Construct

Prefab steel buildings are known for their simple DIY assembly, and Lincoln Steel buildings™ are no different. Our prefab structures are simple enough to put together in a matter of days or weeks, as opposed to the months it might take to put together a structure made from other materials. This means that artists will be able to use the structure much sooner rather than later, and not have to worry about long wait times before they’re able to start rehearsing.

Easy To Soundproof

Most performance art of any kind can get pretty loud, and people tend to assume that steel buildings carry with it an obnoxiously loud echo but that isn’t always the case. Thanks to the structural material’s natural insulation, there is a certain level of sound absorption that already occurs from the outside as well as the inside of the structure. Because it’s so easy to customize prefab steel buildings, it’s simple to add soundproofing elements to the walls and ceilings of the structure so you can ensure you get the best possible acoustics inside the space, as well as prevent sound pollution in both directions.

Low Maintenance

The great thing about steel buildings is how little maintenance they require in order to stay in good shape. It’s the perfect feature for a rehearsal space because the people who use the space most often won’t want to worry about a location they’ll constantly have to fix. No matter who is using the space, it can be very distracting to have to consider all of the repairs a building requires instead of focusing on the art that needs to be perfected within its walls. Regular inspections are always recommended, but you will likely not have to do as much constant repairs or fixes like you would in other kinds of structures.


Whether you’re putting this structure up for your own use or to run a business for renting space to other artists, chances are going to be pretty high that this is a building you’re going to want to last for a long time. With prefab steel, you’ll have a building that will last for years with the right protective coatings and paints. At Lincoln steel buildings, we also offer some of the best warranties in the steel building business, giving you peace of mind the whole time you have your structure. Steel is one of the strongest materials on the market, and our prefab buildings are designed to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and environmental changes. This makes for a great rehearsal space because it will be a location you’ll be able to use for years to come!

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What Sets Us Apart

All Lincoln Steel Buildings® feature:

  • 50 years building design experience
  • 40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty
  • 40-year limited warranty on paint
  • Efficient shipping scheduling
  • State-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility
  • 100% Made in the USA

Why People Choose Lincoln:

Years of steel building design experience
providing quality products at savings of up to 50% over conventional construction.

40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

40-year limited warranty on paint
on the siliconized polyester colored coating for walls and trim.

Efficient scheduling
delivery and community freight to reduce delivery costs and save you money.

Precision design
meeting or exceeding industry standards

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