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The Safe Option

No matter who you ask, the top reason that steel buildings are one of the best options on the market is due to how safe they are. As one of the most important things about these structures, it’s imperative that you know just how that plays out. Knowing what you want to use your structure for is the first part in making sure your project goes as planned, but in the end a prefab steel building will always be the safest and best possible option for whatever you might have in mind. Here are just a few reasons why prefab steel is the safest option on the market.

Wind Resistance

Prefab steel buildings are excellent at standing up to harsh winds and most kinds of weather conditions. This means that no matter where your structure is located, it will be able to stay in good shape for as long as you might need. As seasons change throughout the year, your building will be up against varying weather conditions, but prefab steel is one of the best materials to make it through all of that seamlessly.

Fire Resistance

More than other building materials, prefab steel is one of the most fire-resistant materials on the market. In comparison to a structure made from wood, fire will take much longer to spread throughout the structure and cause an issue – something that will be especially important if the steel building is being used as an office, retail space, workshop or any other area where people have to work in on a daily basis.

Low Maintenance

Steel is a material that, for the most part, doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. While renovations and repairs can help plenty of buildings become better over time, the process can often be dangerous and present plenty of hazards in the space. This is especially true for those who use their structure for office spaces, retail locations, workshops, and even school buildings or churches. A lot of the time, these are structures that generally still operate throughout repairs out of necessity; which is something that can prove dangerous in the long run. With prefab steel buildings, repairs are not something you’ll really have to worry about so having to work through lengthy renovations and fixes will not be a reality.


With more than 80 million tons of it being reused per year, steel is the most recycled material in the world. What might not work for your structure can always be used in another, as most construction materials are made using recycled steel. No matter how many times steel is used and reused, it never affects the quality of the material – keeping the strength intact each and every time.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steel has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market which means it’s much better able to hold up its own weight without the help of often obstructive support beams and columns. This also means you’ll be able to build your structure slightly larger than you might be able to with other materials without having to worry about sagging, damage or worst of all – collapse. Your structure will be much more likely to stand on its own for longer periods of time, for as long as you might need it.

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What Sets Us Apart

All Lincoln Steel Buildings® feature:

  • 50 years building design experience
  • 40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty
  • 40-year limited warranty on paint
  • Efficient shipping scheduling
  • State-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility
  • 100% Made in the USA

Why People Choose Lincoln:

Years of steel building design experience
providing quality products at savings of up to 50% over conventional construction.

40-year rust-through perforation limited warranty

40-year limited warranty on paint
on the siliconized polyester colored coating for walls and trim.

Efficient scheduling
delivery and community freight to reduce delivery costs and save you money.

Precision design
meeting or exceeding industry standards

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